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National conference "Prospects and guidelines for the management of artificial coniferous forests"

International Scientific Conference "Forestry: Bridge to the Future ",


About us

The Scientific and Technical Union of forestry engineering is the largest creative-professional organization with multifaceted social activities for the benefit of its members, which brings together experts from the sectors forestry, woodworking and furniture production, landscape architecture, environmental protection, pulp and paper. The Union supports regular members in their realization as professionals and enhances their creative and professional qualifications.


NTS in forest engineering organizes discussions, conferences, courses, seminars and other scientific and technical events. Lecturers are prominent scientists, professors from the UF leading experts from state authorities - National Forest, Forest Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of pulp and paper and others. The Union attracts renowned lecturers from abroad.

NTS in forest engineering is a member of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Unions in Bulgaria / /


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