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National conference "Prospects and guidelines for the management of artificial coniferous forests"

International Scientific Conference "Forestry: Bridge to the Future ",


Purpose and Objectives

The main objective of NTS in forest engineering is to unite the efforts of experts to form a scientific - technical policy to protect the professional interests, to create conditions to improve the knowledge and skills of its members working in the sectors of forestry, forestry, pulp and paper industry, gardening and landscaping, conservation, reproduction and efficient use of forest ecosystems and their resources.

To achieve its objective NTS in forest engineering must achieve the following tasks:

  1. To promote and support creative and professional interests of its members in accordance with the Charter of NTS in forest engineering and current legislation in the country.
  2. Work to raise the social status of professionals.
  3. To develop and submit to the competent state bodies / institutions / projects of normative documents and actively contribute to their approval and implementation.
  4. To organize and conduct activities to improve the training and active members of the union.
  5. To create conditions for free creative - professional and cultural communication.
  6. To assist and support the formation of scientific and creative teams to solve specific technical, technological and environmental issues.
  7. To coordinate the efforts of its members to achieve common goals and positive results in the activities of the Union and to assist them and methodological assistance to meet their goals and objectives.
  8. To provide its members scientific and technical, environmental, standardization and specialized regulatory and technical information.
  9. Organize free discussions, surveys, discussions and public evaluation of government projects and solutions in the formation of science and technology policy, environmental, social and education in the field of forestry, forestry, pulp and paper industry, gardening and landscaping, and to develop independent expert opinions and alternative views.
  10. To assist in removing the damage caused to forests and forestry from other sectors of the extractive industry, energy, agriculture preservation of gardens, parks, green areas and other sites related to the living conditions of the population.
  11. To promote public principle, professional and social protection of its members and their right to work and pay according to their qualifications.
  12. Expanding established contacts and deepen co-operation with related non-profit, government and other institutions.
  13. To organize conferences, symposia, seminars, obsazh-Denmark, discussions, debates, exhibitions and other scientific and technical and informational events.
  14. To organize creative Vocational visits and exchanges of experience at home and abroad.
  15. To carry out research, consultancy, expert developer and other works to solve specific problems and innovate on methodological and regulatory insurance companies.
  16. To issue periodic press and other informational materials to achieve its aim and objectives of the Union.
  17. Cooperate with specialized unions and Territorial-ing associations of the Federation of Scientific Unions, universities, and other entities with nonprofit, government and public authorities, organizations and companies related to the goals and objectives of the Union.